Oh Dear

Gotham Tower

Last night in Singapore (sort of!) so headed up town for some sushi and to watch a film. The sushi was great, however the film not so good!

We decided to go see ‘The Producers’ because nothing else looked much better, and after leaving in the first ten minutes, made our way into ‘Ultraviolet’. After convincing Erik to stay, to at least get something for our money, we slept/bored ourselves to tears for the remaining hour of the extremely dull film (with a few nice ass shots in tight leather i must point out!).

I realised on the bus on the way home that this semester has been much more simple. Not at all in a bad way, but i feel much more at home this semester. Last sem was about exploring and being somewhere new, this sem was much more about coming back after travelling over Christmas, and just living. I can’t say i regret it, or that doing so much more last sem was better, because they were so different. I really felt like i’ve become a part of Singaporean society this year and will be really sad to leave.

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