Crazy Space

While troubleshooting an error with a USB flash drive, i stumbled upon these dudes (new window)…!

Check the storage capacity of the drives they’re selling…and look at the size!!!

I can’t wait for an MP3 player using this technology to come out! To be fair it’s still quite expensive (i think about $5,000 for 64GB), however, i’ve just noticed that Kanguru is also offering the same capacity for only $2,800 (a bargain i tell you!). Imagine a 100GB, or even 1TB MP3 player, the size of an iPod Nano hanging around your neck!! Bring it on!

This also makes me realise how quickly technology is advancing, and how fast we climb the numbers scale. Now we readily talk of billions of dollars when talking about business, we talk about gigabytes of processing power, when mearly 10 years ago it was kilibytes! Already giga is common knowledge, and tera is definately creeping in there in the minds of many people…how long will it be before peta, exa, zetta and yotta are as commonplace as kilo and mega are today? How long before we need to start inventing names for figures bigger than that? Maybe i will, and i’ll call the biggest one a ‘Fergy’!.

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