Closing Time

Yinghan, Yanting, Adeline and Me

Other than being a great song by Semisonic…it is unfortunately also closing time for Fergy in Sinagpore!

I know…it’s so sad. I don’t wanna leave! But at the same time i wanna go! I really love it here, but i’m gonna do so much in the next 4 months that i’m really looking forward to, that it will make the pain of leaving easier!

I had my last class yesterday, and had one of my three exams today. I’m staying here until next Tuesday (only 6 days!!) for my second exam, straight after my exam i’m off to Malaysia until May when i have to come back for a day or two to do my last exam! ‘Timeline’ page has been updated so you can keep track of my comings and goings…

I’ve been running around with my camera taking pictures of people incase i don’t see them again!!
Click the pic at the top to go to the rest of the pictres…

3 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. Hey hey!

    Haha, I thought me and Meilian were your 2 favourite Singaporeans? ;p Anyways, the three gals’ names: Swan Lynn, Lorraine and Christie. Gona miss ya!!

  2. Yay! We’re his 3 favourite Singaporean gurls! MaryJane, dun even tink bout it man. =P *shakes butt* and we din force him to sae dat i swear. he said dat in e most willing manner we cud only believe him. n dat’s a reasonable assumption considering hw adorable we reali are. and fergy! were u jus cursing my job interview or sth?! u shud try to b nicer cos ure counting down to e last 5 days here!

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