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Some of you may have noticed, although i’m sure many people haven’t!, that i have recently signed up for Google Adsense – hence the box above! (now moved to the bottom of the sidebar!)

Just to let me fans rest peacefully at night, i am not a sellout! I am not turning the success of my site into cash in my pocket…i am mearly getting inside knowledge of a very successful Google product.

Of course, i cannot tell you to click or not to click these ads. I am not allowed to click them so that i cannot generate earnings for myself. However, i will say that i have developed a sixth sense for advertising on websites, and often i simply don’t see the ads because i’m not interested in them – as many other people also do…in fact it took my brother ten minutes of me telling him there was something new on my site, before he noticed!

But, my gained wisdom from targetted advertising is that it’s not really a bad thing. Everyone hates junk mail through the post, and spam emails are really annoying. However, targetted advertising is something different. When you are looking for new windows, you generally don’t mind people phoning to ask if you would like a quote because you actually do want one. I believe it’s the same for all advertising. I group adverts into 3 main categories by rating their relevancy and level of interestingness (what a cool word!):

1. Funny: Ads which are enjoyable to watch or look at, but aren’t offering a product you are interested in. Often this type of advertising builds brand awareness. — Low relevancy but high interest —

2. Annoying: Ads which are selling products that you don’t want, and do it in a manner that you don’t like (if you did like the manner it would be in category 1!) – such as cold-calling for double glazing! You tend to ignore these. — No relevancy and low interest —

3. Targetted: Ads which are offering products that you are interested in, often the means with which they do it is not important. — High relevancy with any amount of interest —

Unfortunately, i’m not a marketing major, so i’m sure scholars will argue that there are other categories, however these are the three that i would classify most ads into. I have also noticed that i have started to read the sponsored links on Google search, and often targetted ads offer a real alternative or option when you are looking for a product. I’m not sure how useful they will be on my site, but if you see something that you might be interested in…check it out – our generaly bad perception of banner ads is from the fact that they are usually misleading and not in our area of interest. Hopefully with the increase of targetted advertising that will change and we will actually be offered products that we are looking for. For example, when i was emailing people about our trip to KL for the grand prix, the targetted ads offered hostels in KL – which was actually really useful because we were looking for a hostel, and checking out other options isn’t a bad idea!

2 thoughts on “Sellout

  1. Do they need to display “advertisments” for hotels in KL, which by their very nature, are aiming to sell me something. Would a link to search for hotels in KL achieve the sameend result without the sales pitch? Ahh, it’s a day for questions I feel! 🙂

  2. Good question dear brother. No they don’t need to display it, but often the companies that are in sponsored links or in adsense are not the same companies that appear first in the search – hence spending the money to advertise!

    Don’t like the box at the top, but leaving it there just now…please feel free to rate which boxes are attractive and useful, and which are not. There are so many options to customise – plus i really like the referral for Firefox.

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