A Close Shave

Fergus thought best to inform all fans of his recent change of style in the hair department. He has opted for a rework of a traditional model with some contemporary twists and dash of flare (sometimes referred to as a ‘flare of dash’).

His current style features a short back and sides, accompanied by a short top to give the viewer a general ambience and feeling of short all over. However, this complicated procedure (taking near 4 hours) is far more than a regular haircut. Whilst looking somewhat like he’s just had his head shaved, his short back and sides, accompanied by a short top resembles such styles worn by David Beckham, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Of course a regular no 2 all over would look something similar, but this style features unique characteristics implemented by only the highest professionals in the haircutting industry. It’s shortness and fluidity throughout give the viewer much more than a regular shave, and it’s texture and brilliant shine leave them dazzled and panting for more.

When asked about the recent change, Fergus thought it would be funny to talk about himself in the 3rd person regarding his haircut. When this was followed up and Fergus was asked if he thought it ridiculous to have a whole article about his hair, or even more ridiculous to talk about himself in the 3rd person, he declined to comment.

Photographic representation of this change can be seen below and in the linked photos of him recently trying the fruit commonly referred to as ‘durian’.

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