Durian Day

Durian Day

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Yes folks, the time of reckoning eventually arrived. The dawn of a new era, the beginning of a changed world, an entrance into the unknown…yesterday…i tried durian!

For those of you who don’t know what this is…it’s Singapore’s ‘national’ fruit. Fruit you say…wow that sounds nice. Well, many a man has run far and wide away from durian…purely because of its smell. Infact, on the MRT, there are signs telling you about the fines for doing bad things on the trains…they read – No eating/drinking – fine $500, No smoking – fine $1000, No flammable liquids/gas – fine $5000, No durian – fine $1,000,000,000!!

Although the numbers are not quite accurate…this is entirely true. You are not allowed to carry them onto trains etc because the smell is so bad! However, the saying goes…”the stronger the smell, the sweeter the taste!”.

Anyways…the long and the short of all this is…that it’s not too bad. People say you either love it or hate it, but i didn’t like it too much, but wouldn’t say i hate it (don’t think i’ll be eating it out of choice anytime soon tho!).

Big thank you to Huiling and Jen Ley for showing us a little bit of Singapore we haven’t seen (Choa Chu Kang), and to Huiling again for inviting us to her house to meet her family and eat some durian (oh and a cold beer to wash it down with!!). THANK YOU.

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