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After reading my bro’s interesting article about installing Linux on your iPod, i thought i would give it a shot!

After successfully installing a Linux kernel and Podzilla to run the beast, i restarted it and fired it up! My Initial thoughts…


The interface doesn’t look as nice as the Apple one does – less colour and smaller fonts. However, i know the fonts are changeable and it hasn’t been officially released for my iPod (4G) so that may change when it is.

It’s also a lot slower than the Apple interface – it takes a few seconds to bring up the list of artists or songs for the first time which is a bit annoying.

The click wheel is much more sensitive, but doesn’t allow for acceleration. So its harder to select a song because a slight movement in either direction will select the one above/below it. Because it runs a little slower, you can often find yourself waiting for the iPod to catch up when scrolling through a long list of songs – you take your finger off and its still scrolling away at constant speed.

Applications run independantly so you can’t listen to music and play games at the same time. As soon as you press menu when listening to a song, it closes the MP3 player and therefore stops the song – so you can’t even select another song while the current song plays.

You can’t view all songs by an artist, you have to view a single album at a time.

The backlight is either on or off.

You cannot turn the iPod off through Podzilla, you have to reset it, then put it back into the Apple interface then turn it off – which takes ages!


It’s cool!

You can play more types of audio file.

You can transfer MP3 directly onto the iPod through windows explorer and play them. Itunes requires you to convert MP3s into M4As, hence taking so long to transfer music. Just tried this though and it didn’t work too well, it didn’t recognise the ID3 tag and didn’t play the song!

You can get lots of games for it.

Much more customisable.


Don’t bother! It wasn’t too much hassle but if you don’t want to spend hours trying to get your iPod back to normal because you’ve done something wrong or didn’t back up your music, then its definately not worth it.
I think that the Apple interface is still better because it’s much nicer to use, progressive scroll speed and loads and exits instantly. However, if you’re a Linux fanatic and you wanna try it out…go right ahead…you can get all the info and downloads from here, and this site is pretty good for support.

Sadly, my uber fast download (700MB in about 5 minutes!!) of a bootable Linux CD Rom for my laptop wasn’t so successful. It booted up to the CD but then started Linux and nothing happened…will look into that one soon.

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  1. Update:

    I’ve changed the OS to Floydzilla, and not sure if it has features that Podzilla doesn’t because i didn’t look for them on the old OS. You can easily change the font and the colour scheme, the scroll wheel sensitivity and a host of other features which make it much more attractive to use.
    However, although it comes with a lot more games, i would say that Floydzilla still doesn’t match Apple firmware for music playing, so is only worth it for the games and extra features (text input, converters, calculaters etc etc).

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