NUS Exchange Fair

Yes i must admit, this post is blatant advertising…but what the hell!

I’ve just created a Google group because at NUS there doesn’t seem to be any way of buying/selling second hand goods from other students here. Every semester loads of people move in or out of halls, and therefore buy or throw away loads of stuff. To resolve this problem, i’ve created a group which will act like a classifieds ads section, where people can go to the site and check out what’s for sale, or advertise their stuff to sell!

Check out NUS Echange Fair here.

4 thoughts on “NUS Exchange Fair

  1. yes, i saw ur email to me and i thought: hey, thats pretty entrepreneurial for an exchange student, ahha…
    This gives me a wild idea. Google groups may be too primitive, check out, lotsa Americans use it, i did too when i was in CA.
    Now, going further, Craigslist is simple code, what if we pay a couple of hundred bucks and get someone in India to make something better?

  2. Yeah…craiglist is interesting, and you’re right not very complicated. However, for something like this, i would say its more about generating traffic than having a fancy system. Google is simple, million dollar homepage was simple, the half packet of crisps that sold on eBay was simple…but they are all popular because people know about them and tell their friends.

    I would love to develop the project further, but am only here for 2 more weeks so this was the easy option. Feel free for me to pass the baton to anyone who wants it! There could even be money to be made through advertising etc.

    PS why would exchange students not be entrepreneurial??

  3. haha… u r right. Network-effect based web companies are in abundance today thanks to the effectiveness of viral marketing made possible by web-based communication tools. I am working on several other projects for this summer already so gotta pick my battles and let “craigslist-killer” go.. lol
    Note to self: Hang out with more exchange students and avoid generalizations. haha

  4. Lol…true. I’m guilty of generalisations too – your blog is really good because its not common to see Singaporeans with a strong opinion. What projects are you working on for this summer?
    You should check out my business – Macdonald Sporrans. There’s a link on my sidebar.

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