Up The Rankings

When i checked about a year ago, i was round about the 500th result when you Google ‘Fergus Macdonald’. I checked again a few months ago and i was roughly 50th, then last week Callum noticed that i was 3rd!!

Well, today is the dawn of a new era. The beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning. For soon i will be number 1 and there will be no fun anymore! I’m currently the second result that comes up with an extra link from Callum’s website now registered – thanks bro….

I consulted my bro as to why the result shows a load of garbage under the title, and not my subheading. He devised a cunning strategy to sort that out, so hopefully when they re-cache my site it should show a the listing with a nice description about my site. Check out the Google search here.

However, on further inspection, i’m still 3rd on a google.com search, but I’m second on the google.co.uk one!

5 thoughts on “Up The Rankings

  1. Not bad, i just checked the main google site and u r no. 2. Maybe my latest link to you will help. Now, fortify my current position as No. 1 for “Bjorn Lee” by linking back to me. =D

    I tell ya, its tougher being the leader looking over your shoulder than being the underdog.

  2. Lol…i was gonna ask you if you wanted to co-link each other actually, but instead i’ve spent the last three hours playing games and watching TV in the library instead of writing this project! Link coming soon…

  3. Bad news dude you’re up to #2 on google.co.uk but slipped to #4 on google.com!!! something about the lausanne commitee for world evangelisation?! unless you’ve joined the clergy that is =op

  4. Woah…you had me worried there! I was counting that as 3rd because the one above is a sub-listing of the 2nd listing. However, it is the fourth listing right enough…

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