The Big Apple

Steve Jobs Ipod Nano1

Apple turns 30 this week and it makes me think of Macs and my tutorial today.

The girl that came and sat down next to me had an iMac. Now, without being sexist, she was the fastest little iMacer girl i’ve ever seen. To be fair, it is quite rare that someone can impress me on their computer use – not that i’m such a god myself…but i have seen people who are very good…so impressing me can be hard. The first thing i noticed was how fast she typed…fast ass typing let me tell you! Next, was how quickly she switched between pages and kept up with what was coming and what to expect…when she clicked on a page she knew exactly what she had to type or where to click, almost without looking. She was chatting to friends, writing notes on the presentation and checking her email and courses at the same time!

I was sitting messing around on my computer while i was listening to a presentation that i had to ask questions about. I figured that if i Googled the subject i would find lots of information that the speaker hadn’t mentioned, and therefore could easily catch them out. The fact that the girl next to me was one of the speakers and had got an A on her essay (which she was presenting) didn’t seem to disuade me. However, i promptly found out that there was bugger all information on the net, but did manage to find something. I squeezed out a poor question from a website that i found, and before i had finished asking i noticed her Googling the subject and browsing the same site! Darn-tootin quick i tell you!! Rock on computer chicks (she was quite hot too! even better i tell you!)

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  1. i have read your blogs just now and they are very interesting. i am having glimpses on what singapore is.

    i found your site through the site of your brother callum. i am his regular reader of his blogs and we had a beer once in bangkok.

    keep the blogs coming!

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