What To Write??

Fruit breakfast

I was thinking that after having a busy weekend with my big bro (check out what he says about it here) that i should not leave my dedicated followers hanging any longer and write something. So, after having the ‘Create Post’ box open for an hour or two i decided that i would write about fruit!

Fruit…fruit…fruit! In most foodcourts in Singapore there is usually a fresh fruit stall. They are really great, you can get fresh juices or cut fruits and some even do milkshakes and desserts. So, most mornings i head down the three flights of stairs to get me some fruit for brekkie.

This morning i opted for a orange & pineapple mix juice (ps its real fruit juice – oranges go in the top…juice comes out the bottom!) along with my usual pineapple, apple, melon and banana. What a great way to start the day…get your 5 fruit/veg done for the day and feel good at the same time. Plus it’s not too pricey…roughly 60p for all the fuit and about another 60p for the juice.

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