Want A Website?

Google’s latest gadget – Google Pages – lets you create your own website really easily. If you’re not satisfied with their standard free blog, courtesy of blogger.com, and want your own page then here it is…for free! Check mine out here (i’m not really going to use it, just wanted to try it out!).

It’s a little hypocritical with all my rantings about how great Google is, that i’ve just proposed to do my dissertation on ‘to what extent is Google’s internet monopoly creating a vast corporate global power with questionalbe ethics and limited accountability?’. It’s an intereting topic. Because you have to have a Gmail account to sign into Google Pages and Google Personalised Homepage, they can match all your data to your profile that you gave to sign up for emails. Plus, the fact that they save every email you’ve ever sent means that they literally hold a truck load of data on little old me alone! What will they do with this data? No one really knows!

So far i’m not overly worried about it – i think that information is much transferred much more freely over the internet and that no one really has completely secure data wherever it’s held, so why would Mr Google want to read my emails? They’re not that interesting on global terms!

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