A Class-A Day!

Well…today was set to be a bit disasterous! After my embarrassingly bad presentation skills last semester…i figured that since i had two today that i would drown in a pit of red-facedness and make a bit of a fool of myself.

However, both went swimmingly well (certainly compared to previous attempts), and in both classes i got an essay back. What did i get…well…i would definately sAy thAt A good grAde would be An A, And thAt people who Are Able to AttAin A’s for essAys Are certAinly doing well (particularly in NUS where marking is on a bell curve scheme so that only a very few people get high marks!!!).

GO FERGYBOI…today is turning out to be quite good indeed! Except that i have to write a 1000 word dissertation proposal and chose my courses for next year in the next 3/4 days!!

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