Luala Kumpur

Kuala Lumpur at Dusk

KL was this time…well…the complete opposite of what i saw in it the last time! I had a really amazing time over the whole 5 days and generally loved the city!

I think last time i went my perception was different because it was the first major city outside Singapore that i had been to in Asia and didn’t really know what to expect. However, from first arriving this time we just had an amazing time. The city is still beautiful and i managed to not have my camera stolen this time so some of the pics i took are online.

The grand prix was simply fantastic! From the moment i saw the tip of the grandstand, until i saw the last car roll round the track i was cheesin all the way! The qualifiers were pretty cool, but nothing compared to the main event, however as it was the first F1 car i saw…it was pretty special too. The noise is immense, tremendous and overwhelming. There are loads of guys selling ear plugs and i can see why many people buy them. As well as being louder than you hear on TV, there is also a low grumbling noise coming from the cars which is pretty cool…plus you can easily hear every gear change and acceleration/deceleration.

All in it was a really great weekend…

Click here for the pics…

I’ll update this soon with a link to the videos that i took…but right now off for some dinner!

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