Wow….thanks to everyone who signed the petition, especially my cousin Claire who fowarded it onto her big sis, who then got everyone else at her work to sign it!! Now thats what i call some serious team spirit!

If you go to this link…you can see all the people from Scotland that have signed it! Pretty cool….alas…no my name is not there…why…because i was no 5 to sign it!! Ahh my little claim to fame may be insignificant just now…but in years to come that list will be worth its weight in solid gold!!

If you still haven’t signed it…i’m not sure why not…or what you’re doing wasting precious signing time by reading this gibberish…to make you feel better..i’ll make the next 9 lines utter gibberish so that you can dash away…sign it…and nip straight back without having missed anything interesting!

oobba aabbaa bbooo boo…ggeeebee bbeeebbee lllaa, sigla songa linga booo hhaaa lalaa ooobbbooo eebbeee gg.

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