Let’s Get Serious…

acres nurse shark

Now i know my site is usually hilariously funny and you never quite know if i i’m telling the truth or not (i’m usually lying for those of you that think i’ve got 19 tattoos, my cock, arse and belly button pierced and only one nipple left!).

However, let’s get serious!!!

Acres is a Singapore based charity that aims to educate people about animal welfare, and help animals in captivity that are subject to bad conditions etc. I guess it’s a bit like the RSPCA, except that there is so little animal welfare awareness here that it would never receive funding from the Government, and was instead set up by a group of compassionate Singaporeans back in 2001.

Anyways, they send me emails a lot and there has been a few news articles about a shark being held in a housing estate in Singapore. The nurse shark is roughly 2m long and is housed in a tiny tank where it cannot turn around without bending and twisting because it is longer than the width of the tank. I used to keep fish and was worried about having anything bigger than 6 inches in my tank because i felt it was too small…however i used to keep very small fish that naturally live in a very small area of sea and don’t venture much.

Sharks swim for miles and roam around the ocean like a playground…its really quite disturbing to think that this animal, that cannot stop moving or it will die, cannot even keep swimming for more than 2 seconds without bashing its head and hurting itself to turn around.

Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, there has been nothing done about this and i ask all of you to help and contribute 9 seconds of your time to sign a petition to have it moved and set free.

To make matters worse, Acres, who have been campaigning for its release and support from the AVA (Agri Food Veterinary Authority Singapore), have just been told that they have to move out of their free office which was provided by Mutts and Mittens, who have an pet hotel here, after a random visit by the AVA.

I hope everyone will sign the petition and please visit Acres website and think about making a donation. Remember £1 goes 3 times as far in Singapore as cost of living is roughly 1/3 of the UK and there are S$3 for every £1.

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