Fergus the Nasty Paradox

It seems i have been blessed with a blessed gift. I like talking to people and often find myself in conversation with people i don’t know and have never met before…however, my ability to not remember what someone looks like 5 seconds after i’ve met them…and certainly not recognise them the next day…leaves a lot of people thinking that i’m just a rude Scottish dude.

It happens all the time! Erik tells me that the person looking at me and smiling is some dude that i spoke to a few days before…so i have to politely smile and pretend that i was just daydreaming and didn’t recognise them! Never mind the numerous occasions when i introduce myself to someone talking to someone i know, only to be told…yeah you’re Fergus…we’ve met like 3 times already…and you asked me my name every time!

I used to think that this stemmed from my dad’s inability to remember names…but now i think it’s deeper…i don’t remember people’s names or what they look like. I hope its because my vastly intelligent and powerful brain is so preoccupied solving world hunger and ending war, or because i meet so many people that my tiny little brain can only remember a certain number. Last week i met a dude called John and less than an hour later i couldn’t remember who my Mum was! I had to come home and look at pictures…gee…i hope i picked the right woman…you are a pro bodybuilder right Mum?

To all those that have been ignored by me…err…sorry…i really didn’t mean it!

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