Busy Little Bee

Well…it seems that my life of leisure led me right into a dead end. This week i’ve been faced with 27 group projects, 14 essays and 39 presentations to prepare before i depart for the zoom zoom antics of this weekend.

Yet, despite all this work…i seem to find myself amazingly inefficient. Instead of reading about dollarization and other such boring stuff, i watch Scrubs or Simpsons, go to eat, play stupid games online etc etc and just generally seem to get no work done.

However, with one essay to be in tomorrow morning i got myself out of bed at 8am and found myself in the library writing away by 9am!! One quick class assignment to do (during class…oh yeah – best way to do it – when the lecturer is actually talking about what you’re writing about!) and hopefully i will be all set to pack up tonight and jump on the first bus tomorrow morning.

Fast cars, pit girls, telescopic zoom lenses, loud noise, lots of beer, DJ Tiesto and lots of good times here i come…don’t be worried if you don’t hear from me for a few days!

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