Longhorn is the codename for the wave of new software developments coming out of microsoft in the coming months. Their star attraction, of course, being the new Windows Vista.

From what i’ve read i don’t think its going to be a revolution in Operating Systems, but it will have some cool new features. It has built on the NTFS file system to create WinFS which will change the way data is stored on your computer – what this means is that by adding relational database capabilities to your files, it will take much less time to find and sort files on your computer. The main difference between this and Google Desktop Search, is that it will be able to do it instantaneously, without indexing! It almost takes Google and puts it into your computer. Files will be easier organised by using labels and categories rather than just simple folders, and it will be much more media orientated – making watching your favourite films and viewing your photos much easier.

Of course, it will have fancy new graphics and new colours. It will feature an upgraded start menu which will load quicker and be easier to use, a new sidebar with easily accessible features, new Internet and Windows Explorer, new Media Player, new Microsoft Office etc etc. One of the best things about it, is that it will install in roughly 15 minutes, and it will tailor itself to your computer. What this means is that if you have an old PC, it will disable a lot of the fancy features and leave you a barebone OS that runs quickly, while if you have a high-spec computer you will be able to utilise its full potential and have access to loads of cool features. Essentially, it seems to me that Microsoft have taken all the best bits of Windows XP, Mac Tiger and Google and lumped them all together in one package under their name!

Not sure how long until its out…probably sometime this year, but definately looking forward to trying it out and seeing if Microsoft have actually managed to do something right in the last 5 years that they’ve spent trailing behind Yahoo and Google!

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  1. What you mean like it’ll be secure as well, and it’ll have stuff for free, like Office and all that, and what, like it’ll be easy to use, have pretty graphics. Oh, and will it be free as well? What, you mean it’ll be based on the Linux kernel as well, like Apple OSX. Hang on, it’s out already isn’t it, they call it Linux? 😀

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