Incase you were worried about me…

Don’t worry guys…that nasty situation i mentioned earlier about conmen on campus has been resolved! Three cheers for our slow running campus security!

9 March 2006


This is an update regarding con man who had tricked some of our staff and students on campus.

On 6 March 2006, a fellow NUS colleague (who was well aware of the con man situation on campus after reading our earlier Security Alert circulars) called Campus Security’s hotline at 6874 1616 and provided reliable information on two suspicious characters loitering at the vicinity of the Faculty of Science.

Campus Patrol Team arrived at the scene and approached the two suspects. On being questioned the two suspects ran towards the direction of AYE-Dover Road. Our Security Officers gave chase but lost sight of the duo at the overhead bridge leading to Dover Road. After careful combing of the area, the Security Officers managed to track down the two suspects in front of Block 29 Dover Road. Police were summoned to the scene and eventually arrested the two male suspects.

The successful arrest of the con man will not be possible without the vigilance and cooperation of the campus community. Please continue to report suspicious characters at NUS vicinity by calling Campus Security at 6874 1616 or the Police at 999. DO NOT hand over cash to strangers or provide accommodation to them. Refer them to Campus Security if need be.

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