Fight Aids at Home

A group of students did a presentation on Grid Computing in one of my classes yesterday, although i’ve heard of this before i’ve never looked into it.

On getting home and doing some research i found this site which works towards possible cures for HIV. Basically, grid computing uses your pc when its idle to churn data. Many firms have huge amounts of data to process which could take years on their own systems, however, if they send out little bits to a million home pcs across the world then they can greatly reduce the amount of time to process the data.

The program to download is quite small and you can easily click on ‘Preferences’ and set it to only work when your pc is in screen saver mode – this is perfect for people who leave their pc on all the time (MUM – looking at you here!). If you leave your pc on overnight – you can easily donate 8-10 hours of your processor time to developing new cures for HIV or other causes.

Infact, i’m so confident that this program is both worthwhile and easy to use that i hope everyone will download it and put their pcs to better use. I’ve created a team on their site, so when you download this tiny program, you can click to join my team and we can all work together and watch the results grow.

This program really is easy-peasy to download – you literally click the link and you’re all set. You do have to choose a username and password when you run it…but thats not too hard. The only thing i would recommend is setting it to only work during screen saver mode so that it doesn’t slow your comp down when you’re using it.

Fight Aids @ Home

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