Crime in NUS!!

This is what we get emailed about. As kids get raped in America when going home across campus and girls have to phone to be escorted by security if they go out after dark…NUS emails us with the most serious incident this year…

28 February 2006


Campus Security has received a fresh report of a conman and his accomplice operating on campus. In this latest incident, the victim (a NUS student) had sympathised with the two suspects and handed over some money – only to realise later on that he was conned. The suspects (a plump 1.7m tall Chinese male in his 30s with his hair dyed brown and his partner a plump Chinese female in her 20s who acted as a lookout), were well dressed in black and claimed that they needed money for accommodation and meals. The tricksters suggested to the victim to use his ATM card to withdraw money. They even provided a fictitious business card to the victim.

My god! A ficticious business card…not exactly on the same page as rape is it? How couldn’t you love Singapore!

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