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We weren’t quite sure what it was for a few days, until it dawned on us. It’s not that Bali is not cool, it’s just that we’re a bit spoilt. We’ve seen amazing beaches, so Bali’s OK beaches aren’t that great, we’ve seen beautiful little beach towns, so Bali’s over-crowded McDonald riden towns aren’t that nice, we’ve seen lots and lots of temples and beautiful countryside…so again Bali didn’t have that much to offer us that we hadn’t seen before or seen much nicer.

However, that’s not to say that it was bad. Far from it. I think we just expected quite a lot and it didn’t live up to it. We did, however, see loads of cool things. I saw rice paddies for the first time, and Ubud was a really nice wee place. The weather wasn’t great…it rained nearly everyday so there was not very much swimming, no diving, no snorkelling, but we hired a DVD player and watched loads of films one day…and spent most of the rest of the time eating!

All in, we had a pretty cool time. It was really relaxing and we didn’t really get up to that much. For most of the last few days we just seemed to be waiting for something. I wasn’t sure quite what…maybe back to my laptop and the internet, maybe my own bed…not sure. It wasn’t until Erik and i were walking through town aimlessly yesterday that we realised how ‘at home’ we felt. Somehow walking around in Bali had to have a purpose, we had to be going somewhere…here we were just happy to be here that it didn’t matter where we were going.

It’s definate…we both absolutely love Asia and Singapore. We were really happy to get back, and somehow it makes me think that i didn’t enjoy the trip that much, which is not true. The bad weather and me being ill most of the time after Erik chilled our room down to -53 degrees with the aircon made it just an average trip, nothing special…getting back to Singapore however…that was special! (helped by the insanely cheap alcohol that you can get at duty free…oh yes baby!).

PS i heard there was a foot of snow in Aberdeen…i feel for all you guys…it’s pretty much out of the rainy season here, so back to 33 degrees and full days of blistering sunshine…!

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