Firstly…wooo…Callum has upgraded the old thingy that runs my site and its really cool!!!

Anyway…back to the business at hand…Bali!!

Erik and i are having a great time on the paradise island and so far have seen a fair bit of it other than the beaches! When we first arrived we stayed a few nights in the main party town of Kuta, but were a bit unimpressed with all the dudes trying to sell you anything. All the other places i’ve been they will hassle you but they usually on have one item for sale…here they all seem to sell everything. They watch you coming and by the time you’re in earshot it usually starts with something easy to break the ice…transport?, with no reply they just keep going…t-shirt?, sunglass?, watch?, bemo?, massage?, mushrooms?, young lady?, old lady?…usually by this point we are heading out of earshot…but fear not there is another one waiting to fill you with his list too! (ps i dread to think what comes after old lady!).

Anyways, sadly Kuta is quite dirty and not really a beach town…the beach when we arrived was horrible, as was the sea, and there are way too many surfers and too strong a current to swim. However, arriving back here they have cleaned up the beach and it’s looking much better now. We also headed inland to the arty town of Ubub (which was really cool…very cosy and romantic…oh me and Erik had such a nice time… 😉 ), and to a couple of beach towns…Dreamland and Sanur.

Unfortunately we head back to sunny Singapore tomorrow so i will get some photos etc up for you to drool over…and some Videos thanks to this cool thing i saw on Callum’s site…yeah…actually we didn’t take any videos but hey…

Oh and unfortunately i did get trapped into buying another 4 bloody bracelets! I don’t want them, infact i don’t really like them!!! I’ve got one on just cause i can’t be bothered to take it off but the other three are in my bag…what is wrong with me? I think i may be suffering from braceletitis!

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