Flippity Flop

Flip flops are quite possibly the greatest invention since…well…ever really!

Big kudos to Suzy for trailing all over london with me as i bought my first pair, then listening to me whine about how they were sore on my poor little toesies.

So, now that my feet are hardened criminal intelligence masterminds of the force and i can readily wear flip flops painlessly (ps…this isn’t new…they have been this way from like the 2nd time i wore them!) i thought it should express my undying love…(no not for my feet (although they are very lovely i must admit)) but for flip flops! I mean anything that rhymes with hip hop must be cool just now, right? I’m surprised Fiddy and the rest of F-Unit haven’t caught on to it (ps F-Unit is the new name for G-unit, they wanted to demonstrate their respect for the one and only F-Dog so renamed their crew after me – peace and love….westside….word to mother….homies).

I would love to wear nothing else on my for the rest of my life, but fear i will be labelled the Lame-O who thinks he’s cool if i try it in Edinburgh! Oh, quick funny story about flip flops – one of my mates couldn’t get into a club cause he had flip flops on…but girls were allowed in with flip flops – so he swapped his flips for his friends sexy black stilettos, that were far too small for him, and they let him in! Crazy or what!

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