valentines heart

Valentines day is upon us…great for everyone with bf’s or gf’s cause they get guaranteed sex tonight! For those without, that haven’t managed to bag a cracker for a date tonight, then they’ll be claiming that Valentines is just marketing and that it’s crap and they hate it….resentment I think!!

Anyway…no dates for me…i decided that it would be unfair to the masses if I was to commit myself to just one woman tonight! lol

Seriously though, Valentines in Singapore – I’m sitting in the business canteen and there is a large projector up with a karaoke system so that lucky ladies and gentlemen can have their favourite meaningful ballads blasted out to them in front of everyone by their special sweetheart! Now is this romantic or just plain sad and embarrassing? Sad and embarrassing i hear you all cry…but think again – I guess just not our culture at all. I saw two middle aged men sitting in a karaoke bar last week, they were the only guys in there, and they were singing a duet to each other – that’s not exactly something i can imagine my dad doing in his spare time, let alone Jim Royle and his mates down the pub!

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