Pierce Me Baby…

thaipusam pierced guy

No sadly not me…i think that both ears, nose, tongue, both nipples, belly button and the one down below is enough for me…at least for a week or two, what i mean is Thaipusam!!

We went down to Little India on Saturday night to witness the Hindu ritual first hand. It goes on all day and when we arrived at 8pm it was still going strong with hundreds of people keen to show their devotion to their god. They walk 3km down the road from one temple to another and some guys enter a trance-like state and pierce their bodies while carrying gifts and memorials…sound interesting…check out the pics! There was some serious piercing going on!!

Apparently, at least the word on the street is (what street i hear you cry in unison…Serangoon Street and it was written in pink and purple chalk on the pavement…alright!), is that this ceremony is banned in India so it is a bit special for Hindus taking part here. I find this somewhat hard to believe…that piercing your body numerous times while entering a trance-like state is legal in Singapore (the land where tow hooks on cars are illegal!) but not allowed in India!

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