Jakarta & Bali

All serious now guys…I don’t watch the news so i don’t really know whats going on, but I am supposed to be going to Jakarta next Thursday, travelling down Java then spending over a week in Bali.

Is this a bad idea just now? Bear in mind that my beautiful Scottish face does not get drunk and go shouting racial abuse…but I am European and White.

Of course the Foreign Office advice against all travel to Indonesia…but what do they know! They just want to cover their arses!

All comments and info would be much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Jakarta & Bali

  1. Something I only realised after I’d left when I read my travel insurance policy (it was a long flight!) was that any travel insurance you have (or don’t have) will not cover you for travel to areas that the foreign office advises against travel.

    That’s a pretty big deal if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in an area that the FCO advise against travelling to. Your insurance won’t cover you for wars, terrorism, etc anyway. But if you have medical insurance, it won’t cover you for that either.

    For example, the FCO advises against travel to the southern most provinces of Thailand. So potentially your travel insurance won’t cover you while you’re transiting through those areas.

    Anyway, it’s all irrelevant because I know you don’t bother with insurance, but you know your mother will worry about you… 😉

  2. Turns out only going to Bali – decided that the riots and burning of Embassys in Jakarta was sufficient evidence that it would be a bad idea to venture there on my own for a week!

    Bali should be great though, it’s Hindu so there are likely to be less angered by what happened…plus they are much more used to seeing foreigners there…can’t wait!!!!

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