Picasa has labels! That little button, that says ‘label’ on it, at the bottom of the screen kinda gives it away…but seriously, i didn’t know!! I have been moaning to myself (and anyone else that listens…which is not very many people!) that i would really love a great photo management (very professional term there huh!) that uses labels as well as folders!

Callum had told me that Adobe Elements has labels but that it’s really slow so i never bothered to try it…but with this bloody camera that i bought i’m a bit snap happy…like 1000++ pictures in one week!, so i need something to organise them properly. Problems arise when you have photos with more than one thing in them (don’t even bother…i know it’s a stupid comment but it will all become clear in a minute), i.e. if i have a photo of me infront of an elephant, do i put it in the folder for ‘Me’ or the folder for ‘elephant pictures’ – see what i mean…a bit tricky huh!

With labels…you can easily label the picture both ‘me’ and ‘elephant’, instantly sovling this much agonising problem with a simple click of a button….ah if only getting supermodels into bed was so simple!

However, my problem now is that i have to organise and label 10,000++ pictures!! AAhhhh you won’t be hearing from me for a week or two then!

If you are certified insane and you currently don’t use Picasa, then GET YOURSELF SORTED OUT YOU CRAZY PERSON, and download it FREE here.

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