Club Street

Went for a massive walk around Singapore today and was blown away by Club street! It’s a cool colonial street near Chinatown with loads of cool little shops and foreign restaurants. It was really the first time i’ve seen anything trendy and stylish in Singapore – sure there are lots of designer shops…but Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton are hardly stylish…they’re just expensive and often vulgar.
It reminded me a little of London with lots of tiny shops selling really cool stuff – a Swedish designer furniture shop, a Puma shop that sold only Puma products that were designed by special designers so had loads of cool versions of Puma gear…and was the nicest shop i think i have ever been into. I was blown away by the design and layout of the whole store (and the stuff it sells is pretty darn cool too!).
Pics to follow soon (i managed to take like 400 pics in one day just walking around…man i love my new camera!).

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