A Real Class Act

The times of worry and anxiety are over! I have finally got my courses for this semester sorted out…and they’re not too bad at all. I was told that i could only do business courses for one semester, but after much pleading, begging and some more pleading…i eventually got signed up for two business courses.

Unfortunately, my Grand Master Plan of only having classes on one day did not quite transpire, however, i’ve only got classes on Tuesday mornings and Wednesdays – which is not too bad at all! The three classes that i’m taking are all quite good too:
Business Policy and Strategy has a cool lecturer who promised that we cannot fail and as long as we do the 30mins reading every week we should all get an A – that is the type of lecturer i like!

Internet Business Models goes on about stuff like Gmail vs Hotmail, eBay and shopping online – now…without being modest here…i would like to say that i am somewhat an expert in all of these areas!

and finally…

Economic Issues in the Developing World – well, it’s a first year class that doesn’t really go into any economic theories…not too much work needed there i reckon! (In fact so much so that i’m actually in the class now finding no need to listen and mess about on my computer instead – God bless the man that invented laptops!)

2 thoughts on “A Real Class Act

  1. Feeeergus!! nice site buddy enjoy reading it. sometimes i get bored while i am on the shitter so i take my laptop in there with me and read your blogs. ahah does that make you uncomfortable? ahah just remeber

    I’ll take it for the team by hopping on the fat chick.


  2. Wei!! Long time no hear….thanks for the comment man…although to be honest it turns me on to think that you sit on the john reading my site!! yeah baby….

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