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Well, some of you may have heard rumours that i am now a member of an exclusive organisation. Now, i don’t mean my current occupation of working for MI6, but more importantly, my new gym!

Quite simply…it’s amazing! 3 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 steam rooms, 1 gym, 2 snooker tables (oh yes baby!!), 2 pool tables (which cost the same for 1 game as the snooker tables do for 1 hour – oh no baby!), 4 tennis courts, 2 squash courts, 347,000 sun loungers and lots of friendly staff.

However, the best bits are all those little bits…you get a towel when you go in, you don’t need silly change for the lockers – they’re free, there is shampoo in the showers, there are earbuds, hairspray and gel for when you come out of the shower, there are free hairdryers, the swimming pool is 3.3m deep so you can dive in and venture to the depths, the restaurant serves great food at good prices, the beer is cheap, the Sunday night all you can eat BBQ buffet for £7 is simply fantasticly great food, it’s quite quiet most of the time, the gym has every machine you could need – without having lots of machines and i can easily walk there or back from my room in 10-15 minutes!

Oh wow…sounds fantastic…bet it costs a bomb…erm…well…£20 for 6 months…i guess it is quite steep! 😉

3 thoughts on “Members Only…

  1. sounds like a bargain.
    I cleared up from break last night in a bar here in Bangkok! My opponent looked at me and must have been thinking “what a waste of 20 baht, who is this guy and where’s he from!”.

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