The Nik is On

nikon d50

The time has come, the departure has arrived, the end has begun, the beginning has ended, the new day of dawning has dawned, the light of hope has shone brightly across the dull bay, the ship has come in, the tides have passed, the babies have been born, the devil has been slaine and hell is frozen over, the pigs have flown and the month of Sundays with blue moons has just passed. Infact, some would just simply say…the Nik is On.

What is all this about to those that are non-believers? Yesterday, i got my Nikon D50! I would like to take this opportunity to point out that it is truly beastly, very beastly and quite beastly indeed (all at the same time, therefore 3x + 2y + 1z = most beastly indeed).

However, no one (except the exceptionally rude fuckers at Sim Lim Square) have my lense in stock so i’m stuck with the standard 18-55mm that comes in the kit. So far it’s been pretty slow and gave me hesitations about the camera, but the lense i want is the same speed across a 18-200 range, plus it has inbuilt VR technology to allow you take pics 4 stops faster, all of which should equal a sexually fast and juicy lense!

Great pictures here i come!!

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