Faster baby…faster!

After getting thoroughly annoyed with how long it takes for my sexy laptop to start up…i got a brainwave and googled ‘how to make windows startup faster’. I found this cool site that told me to go to the start menu…run ‘msconfig’ and see what was being run everytime i started windows.

I was faced with a list of like 30-40 things which were being started everytime i turn on my computer and i had no idea what most of them were…bring on the genius! allows you to search for each startup item and find out what it does, who it is made by and tells you whether you need it. So, after removing more than half of them…my sexy little laptop is back to being my sexy little laptop because it starts up 4.3 times faster than a Ferrari with Michael Schumacher at the wheel!! Rock on baby…however…do take care and not uncheck important windows utilities!

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