PRecidency Begins…

Let the celebrations begin…i have been elected cluster leader for my floor!

The grand meeting (of only two people, oh and Steve who was on the phone) unanimously voted for my good self. The hour long campaign speech and posters that i had already prepared now lay to waste in the bin.

As cluster leader i have to go to training on Sunday night for about two hours to prepare for my role in the spotlight. During said meeting i will be given free dinner…try and keep a Scotsman away from free food! They will tell me that my duties include collecting the mail once a week and pinning a rota up on the wall once a week…wow that’s tough for the $130 i will save on my bill! lol. Of course i’m supposed to keep an eye on my cluster mates and make sure they don’t have girls or alcohol in their rooms etc…hhmmm i wonder if i should have been sober at the meeting then?

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