Back in the Pore

Arrived safely back in Singapore on Saturday night and made my way home to a bare naked room. Turned over my mouldy mattress and slept soundly.
Now i really know what ‘rainy season’ means! I’ve been here for two days and it has barely stopped raining since i arrived – and when it rains…it pours! Because of the extra moisture in the air…nearly everything you leave in a room without air-con is mouldy! Fortunately i left a lot of my stuff at Veyoma’s flat so most of it is ok. Anything that was dirty is in a worse state, so most of my hats just had a quick trip to the washing machine, and for the first time i am thankful it is a cold wash that is not too powerful as they have come out looking not too bad.
I’ve only had my computer for about an hour so haven’t had time to go through emails etc but will get it all done tomorrow as it’s a public holiday. What do public holidays mean? Big nights out the night before….Ministry of Sound here i come…

2 thoughts on “Back in the Pore

  1. How lovely it is to hear a man discussing washing! It’s one of life’s little-sung pleasures when your favourite clothes survive the washing machine.X

  2. Oh how i have matured to become to the perfect man!
    Unfortunately it’s a whole different ball game here now. It’s so wet and cool that i have to keep my windows shut to try and keep my papers etc somewhat dry but my washing isn’t drying as quickly now so its starting to smell damp!

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