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Well, with a little help from Ken Rockwell’s site and his great reviews, I’ve pretty much decided on the Nikon D50 with the Nikon 18-200mm lense. Its got a great range and is small enough to not be too heavy or hard to carry around – plus it gets great reviews and saves me having to have a wide angle and a zoom lense and struggling to change them at that crucial second that I see a great shot.

However, due to the cost of the package I’ve decided to go on a mission to earn back the money I spend on the camera by using it. From my trips around SE Asia, and proposed four months in India I want to hold an exhibition of photos (if any of them are any good), or at least have some blown up and framed and put them in cafes etc around town. Failing that I will look into selling photos to magazines and journals, and all the other great ideas I found when I googled “make money from your camera”!!!

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  1. So is this something Santa would have brought you if you’d been at home or does it cost more than 20 quid?

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