Santanos…The Reign Begins

While causing much amusement and hilarity in the travel agents in Bangkok, Roland wrote my name on our bus ticket as Santa Claus. Not wanting to cause too much suspicion he then changed it to Santanos Claus (which i would later pretend was pronounced clouse!). I battled through fear and harsh times worrying that i would not get on the bus, then hours of terrible endurance that i might be thrown from the bus while it was on the motorway and to a band of lawless police officers ready to beat me senseless and throw me in the Bangkok Hilton then grind the key into a pile of dust before my very eyes.

However, arriving safely which i’m sure you are all relieved to hear, the legend that is Santanos has begun. As you are aware, my pool skills are also legendary and we have entered a new era of unbridled success together. Last night Santanos defeated Roland and Wes to claim the title “Champion of Samui”.

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