Enjoying the island life of Kho Samui, though the hot sun is a tough one with a bad hangover! Too many buckets last night i think, had to stop the taxi quickly on the way home for most of it to come straight back out again (although Roland tells me that i got out and sat at the side of the road and didn’t want to get back in it…though i think he’s probably lying, i mean…why would i do silly things like that when i’m drunk!).
Possibly heading north to Kho Tao tomorrow for some snorkelling/diving before heading back to Singapore. Samui is very much a British holiday resort with English bars and restaurants everywhere – there’s even Turkish guys selling kebabs! The beach we are staying on is really nice though and very quiet, our hut is 10m from the sea which is nice and certainly a bit different to the main beach packed with fat couples reading ‘The Sun’ while hiding under umbrellas because they got roasted like chesnuts a few days ago.

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