Camera crazy…

I was slowly getting convinced to buy a digital SLR about a month ago and decided that you don’t need a good camera to take good pictures (actually i better make that ‘Suzy rightly pointed out to me that you don’t need a good camera to take good pictures – good work chick!).

However my unique disease that seems to infest my mind and body which makes me buy things seems to have taken hold. Once i get a stupid idea that i want to buy something, i lose all sense of whether i need it or not and instead spend hours deciding which one is best and where i can get it cheapest!

So, hours later, i think i might buy a Nikon D50 with a 18-70mm Nikon lense. I know i don’t need it but i want it…i want it, i want it, I WANT IT! Oh, that and i can find lots of good reasons why i should – i mean…since i’m a fantastic prize winning photographer in the making…i may as well learn how to use a good camera!

Anyway, if anyone has any valuable knowledge on cameras please share, and don’t forget to make a sizeable donation to the ‘Fergy’s Camera Institution’ which is in desperate need of funds to aile the terrible disease that infests his poor defenceless (though very handsome and charming) body.

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