I think the word is Idiot!

I took a little trip up to the deserted mountain village of Bokor today. Armed with my 125cc motorbike i ventured into the national park and up the road that they describe as ‘not for beginners for the first 25km’. What they mean is there is no fucking road! There used to be a road about 60 years ago when the French built it, all there is now is rubble! Rubble and cows! I met a herd of cattle on the way up to be confronted by what must have been filming for ‘Crocodile Dundee 3’ – a large bull standing sideways on the road staring at me (i would like to remind all this is not the type of road where you can make a quick getaway!).
3 hours and 40km later i got up this hill to find out that the deserted village is not so interesting! The abandoned hotel was pretty cool but the wind was so strong that my hands and face have got wind burns now.
The ride up was so hard and painful that i could hardly bare to go down, however the wind was so bad at the top that it kinda gave me some incentive! However, at the top i did happen to notice that apart from two equally stupid French guys, everyone else was in big 250cc scrambler bikes or in 4wd jeeps that could easily go over a rock the size of my fist. My little bike however could not!
5 near death accidents later i decided to make my way down, to be met by two chicks on a big bike that told me they nearly got attacked by a big black snake that is apparently very dangerous and encountered a pack of dingos beforehand. Knowing that i was in a protected national park with tigers living in it, i spent most of the way down cushioned by the shit in my trousers everytime the bushes rustled next to me!
Anyone who goes to Kampot (where i’m told was in world news recently for the worlds first Euthanasia/internet Cafe – half an hour of net, a cup of coffee and i’d like to pop myself at the end of it please waiter!), don’t try Bokor on a bloody scooter unless you are as stupid as me!

One thought on “I think the word is Idiot!

  1. well, sore bum, should have sat on your fat head for the way down !!!It is hard to have the wandering bug !!!
    Still, Xmas is over rated, it used to be a mega affair with regulations, but thoses days are away a while now.
    Recently finish a book by Micheal Crishton [the one who wrote Jurassic Park] called State of Fear.
    Very, very informative about earth concern and protection of the environment.
    Make a note. It is here for the time being. Not a bad book either.

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