Night Rider

After being bitten nearly 30 times on my feet and hands by mossies while staying next to a lake in Phnom Penh, i decided to push off to the coast. I jumped on a two hour bus to Kampot on the coast, and when i arrived 5 hours later i hired a motorbike to drive to a tiny place called Kep.
Arriving later than expected i got there as the sun was setting so set off down a pitch black road that i hoped was the right way to try and find somewhere that i didn’t know where it was, or what it looked like. However, find it i did after about half an hour of chewing insects and hitting pot holes in the dark.
Kep is a lovely place, very quiet and on the beach. Lots of hammocks to lie around on (until i found out that they wanted me to pay $3 just to lie on one, when the whole town (bar the minister who was swimming in the sea (i knew he was the minister because of his grey eyes and black mustache (everyone knows ministers have grey eyes and black mustaches))) was lying around on them. For the first time i felt truly discriminated against because i was a foreigner, for some reason it felt different than being overcharged but i think that was because i was the only tourist there. It gave me some hint of insight to what people who are racially discrimated must feel all the time.
However, i moved to another much nicer guest house further along with free hammocks!!, friendly staff and a much bigger and nicer room. I also wandered into town and had a nice chat with a few locals there who showed me the real Cambodians and not the sheisters that hang around the tourist areas.
I took a cruise on my hog through the countryside in the morning and was amazed. It really is an amazingly beautiful country. Lines of men and women were working in the fields harvesting what i think was wheat, while kids played at the side of the road and screamed ‘Hello’ at me as i went past. Got some lovely photos which i will put up when i find a pc that has USB ports. It was really nice to spend a few days away from the hussle and bussle and do not very much but read and listen to music.

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  1. kinda yeah, came down to the coast on my own and spent a couple of days on the way to phnom penh on my own. However, just arrived in Sianoukville and Callum and his mate Roland are coming down tomorrow for christmas etc. Brotherly contact for extended periods can get a bit stressful for both of us i think! ;-p

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