The geese are getting fat…

Christmas just doesn’t seem like Christmas any more! For the last few years i’ve been blaming it on working all through the holidays, or that i’m in tropical climates, but the number of decorations and Christmas trees around should surely inspire the spirit in me.
However, due to my wisdom and vast intelligence that backs it up – i put it down to age. Yes i know, i’m not that old compared to some people, but i think that the Christmas changes for you as you get older. When we were kids, it was all about the presents and spending all day opening them and playing with them (and maybe even getting to stay up late!!), but now i see the commercialism in it more and it becomes much more about family, being together and having a few days to relax after frantically trying to buy stuff at the last minute cause that idea to buy everything early just seemed to fail somehow…again!
However, this year there won’t be much family around but they will be right there next to me in my heart (wow…i should write those cheesy bits inside cards…ha ha).
Anyway, looking forward to Christmas this year cause i’ve got no work, no presents to buy and no stress…my biggest worry will hopefully be…”should i lie on the sand, or in a hammock!”

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