Blatant Lies


If you don’t read this post, at least please check out this link.

Lies on two accounts here – one by me saying that I wasn’t going to write anything for a while – I disguised my publishings yesterday by making them pages instead of posts – probably unnoticed by the masses! Check out the ‘what I’m up to pages’ to see what’s going on in my life aside from these daily ramblings.
The other lies that are perpetually told and believed everyday are shown so beautifully here. For all those people that laugh at me when I say I don’t eat McDonalds, or wonder why I don’t drink Coke – other than the fact it tastes like mule’s piss after its drunk 7 litres of sulphuric acid.
I would also like to point out for the record that I am a hypocrite and I do have both Nike clothing and Gap clothing and use P&G products (since they own like every fucking type of toothpaste in the world!), or Nestle and some of the rest. However, this is more because I am weak to advertising and the influence of ‘cool’, but I shall do my utmost from now on to not use such products and influence those closest to me to do the same. Please check out the site, join their mailing list and convince others to do the same. Every little helps (irony intended!).

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