Catch Up

I decided today that because i have an exam on Friday that’s gonna be a bitch, and since i still have this damn 15 page report to write, that i will not write too much in the blog for a few days. This is also to let everyone who should read my blog more, but doesn’t read it that often, time to catch up.
How will i know you catch up you ask? Well, either you will catch up and write a comment saying so, or you will catch up and not leave a comment saying so cause you were in a rush to dash out the door and didn’t have time. Either way it seems pretty clear that everyone will have caught up by the next time i write something!

2 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. ‘I cannot believe it’ in a Victor Meldrew voice. I hope you’re keeping that tattoo clean until it’s completely healed.

  2. Keeping oh so clean as i head off to the library for a day’s work! Oh yes mum, that’s me in a nutshell…keen, hard working student!
    Actually…this bloody essay is about 6,000 words and got an exam on friday that i need to start working for! hee hee

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