Ipod Mania

The recent Ipod mania around my life has finally peaked. First they brought out the super sexy Nano, then Erik bought a 60gb one like mine, then less than two weeks later they dumped the confusing mix of 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60Gb regular and photo options for a two standard 30 and 60Gb video options in black or white. Soon after I was being blown away when buying one for my bro to find it was delivered 12 hours after it was ordered and at the minute size of the box compared to what it used to be. Now, after Ian and Erik have bought a 30Gb and had it engraved they have arrived within 5 days of ordering – great service and amazing product. The new 30Gb is truly tiny – seeing it on it’s own it looks barely bigger than a nano! The picture doesn’t do justice to how small it actually is and how light it is, especially when compared to a 4G 60Gb.

Ian's Ipod

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