Call yourself friends?

I’ve just been enlightened to Johnny’s blog, and what a blog it is! Although I must admit he complains about stuff a lot, it is mostly amusing – though his love for using big words gets to be a pain in the ass if you don’t understand them.
Anyway, in the course of the last 5 minutes lots has happened. I’ve strived forward in my quest to copy the Jehovah’s witnesses in their persuasive powers and enlighten people to things far more important than a black mortal being portrayed as a white god figure – does that not make all Christians racist?
Anyway…again…Ian has now signed up to Gmail, and Erik did a couple of days ago., So while giving Ian some cool examples for his address – which were all taken – I decided to check if a few were available for me. I have since created and am faced with the dilemma of which one to use. This is where you come in – let me know what you think and I will use the most popular. Which in turn is where the title comes from, and where this whole post comes together – no one ever replies to my blog! I think in it’s graceful and enriching 6 month history, I’ve received about 4 comments! Johnny’s blog, I noticed, receives like 2-4 for each post! Let’s show him up and beat him…join together guys and comment your hearts out – starting with which email address is better. Oh, and you can send gmail invitations to your own gmail account!

2 thoughts on “Call yourself friends?

  1. Now, now Mr Hezzo…you wouldn’t want me broadcasting your escapades of weekend last now would you? (ps the ones invovling a doorway, your trousers down and a strange man!)

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