What was it that Eve ate from the garden of Eden?

Apple, they are gods I reckon. I think that up there in Godland, Apple is sitting chilling having a beer with Google and discussing life and how to make more and better kick ass products. Of course that is presuming that Google isn’t planning to use it’s massive power for evil like most large corporations.
I was talking to a couple of people who have Mac laptops and they were raving about how good they are, so while in town I checked out an Apple store and played around with a 17″ Powerbook. That thing is truly sexual. If I could marry a laptop, I think it would be that one (or maybe the Asus W1 – equally sexual though still a PC).
I’ve never had a Mac but am tempted to try one for my next comp to really see what they’re like. Of course if I do go travelling after uni for 5 years or so…that will be a long time off!

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