Tat2 or not tat2

Since I’ve already written 3 posts today – what a blogging day! (hey…the next big phrase I reckon…maybe I should copywrite it!). Seriously though, if you come across new trends/phrases or words…write them here and let everyone know what they mean. We can all help eachother pretend we know what someone is talking about when they say they just upgraded their TCP to take IG Infrastucture on the PTC, ID GG OCBC DDGG.
Anyway…that’s not what this post is about. I got a tattoo last week. Wierd experience! It feels like it should feel once you’ve got it done, but it’s kinda hard to imagine what it will feel like before hand. It’s like having a needle jabbed into your flesh and dragged around while it gets constantly wiped to keep the blood and sweat away.
Unforunately I still can’t upload pics in my gallery – hopefully will be fixed soon so I’ll pop a wee pic in here (more pics and vids available on request).Tattoo

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