After reading James’ Blog on his Christmas plans…thought I would let everyone know what mine are. Unfortunately everyone is ditching Asia for Christmas and heading back home for coldness, snow, open roaring fires and turkey with trimmings. Thankfully my blessed brother is making his way out here this month so the two of us will live it up somewhere and hopefully meet up with my cousin. Just to let you know that this year will follow family tradition of getting rat arsed on Christmas day and having a blast – except instead of champagne and orange juice for breakfast, it will be a cold one while sitting on the golden sand and trying to piece together what happened the night before!

26th Nov fly out to Chang Mai in northern Thailand and meet up with Callum, head through Laos and onto Hanoi to meet a few other people from uni, make way down Vietnam and through Cambodia possibly ending up in Kho Pha Ngan for Christmas and possibly Bangkok for new year – although all fully open to changes and improvisations!

All the best to everyone going home – hope you guys have a blast, but I’m not sorry I’m staying here!

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